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Ashdod Car Rental

Located approximately 20 miles south of Tel Aviv, 12 miles north of Ashkelon, and 33 miles west of Jerusalem, Ashdod is one of the largest cities of Israel. Ashdod is divided into seventeen neighborhoods, with of them having an access to city’s commercial center and urban park. Discover Ashdod and its surroundings in a rental car, we offer negotiated car hire deals through our affiliates.

Ashdod Highlights

A vital industrial hub, Ashdod is home to the country’s largest sea port that accounts for more than 60% of imports. One of the oldest inhibited cities of the world, Ashdod’s existence can be traced back to the 17th century BC. The modern city is thoughtfully planned just outside the historic region. As a major industrial center of Israel, Ashdod is home to diversified industrial complexes, with majority of those concentrated around the seaport, Lachich River area, and the northern industrial zone. The country’s northern industrial zone, settled on the Highway 41, is known for several large industrial units, including an oil exploration and refinery center. The country’s heavy industry is largely spread across south of the Lachish River

Until 1990, each of the neighborhoods had its very own commercial complex. However, the situated witnessed a paradigm shift with the advent of mall culture in Israel. As commercial activities gradually moved to malls, the city experienced an emergence of various shopping malls. The shopping mall trend also paved a way for the hospitality segment, with several restaurants, cafés, and hotels getting their premises ready in Ashdod. Points of interest include – Forum Center, Lev Ashdod Mall, and the City Mall. Book a car hire deal now!
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