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Ramla Car Rental

One of the strategically located cities of modern Israel, Ramla is a major tourism destination. Be it magnificent ruins, classic buildings, and expansive shopping malls, Ramla offers plenty of places to be explored. The best way to discover the city is to go for a rental car that not just carries you, but also lets you explore all off the track locations.

Ramla Highlights

Part of a historic district, Ramla is a tourist city within central Israel. Believed to be settled around 715 AD, Ramla is situated near the crossroads of Damascus, Jerusalem, and Old Cairo. The city witnessed tremendous growth after the Arab-Israeli War, with several beautification plans being implemented in due course of time. Ramla is dotted with number of shopping malls, gardens, and museums, which attract tourists from all over the world. The Tower of Ramla, also famous as the White Tower, is another famous landmark of the 13th century. Constructed by the Caliph Suleiman, the six storied tower includes a spiral staircase of more than 110 steps. Other notable attractions include – Hospice of St. Joseph and St. Nicodemus, Herzl Street, Ramla Museum, Pool of Arches, and the Ramleh Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery. Besides shopping complexes and special economic zones, Ramla is known for its ancient cave systems and archaeological sites. One of the largest lime stone reserves of Israel, the cave is also home to the fossils of several unidentified tiny creatures.

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